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Can’t sleep so I’m watching sailor moon on hulu

i have my ceramics final tonight….like an actual exam. 300 points (I don’t know if she was exaggerating when she said that) all are going to be short answer or fill in the blank. no true/false no multiple choice…she said she was doing this because she knows a lot of people only took the class for an easy A….I thought the critique of our work would the final…wth

I didn’t get to trim my vases last night because they were still too soft.

  • Me: Mom i'm having a quarter life crisis....i have no idea what i'm doing with my life!
  • Mom: you'll figure it out

Impromptu Happy Note! Made a tall vase on my first try! I fall in love with ceramics more and more every class. Plus my teacher was really impressed with my work tonight!

still doing VEDA…..kind of.