Oliver bought pizza and cheesecake for my birthday dinner, he certainly knows the way to my heart.

Today was my final for my makeup class and yaaaay!!! I passed!!! I mean of course I did but I was nervous because we had 45 minutes for day makeup look and 20 to turn it into night and normally we have 2 hours for class assignments.
Anyways yay now I’m a certified mua! Next week we are doing a photo shoot, we have to do one glam/editorial look and then a fantasy look which I’m really looking forward to!!

I have to create a “fantasy” character for my final for class. I have no idea what to do!!! I have like 3 weeks to figure it out but i want to practice on my roommate and stuff before hand. ¬†Some times being creative is hard.

I have to do some homework tonight…and by homework I mean practice face charting and create a pretty make-up “wedding look”. ¬†

VEDA Day 3

Can’t sleep so I’m watching sailor moon on hulu