This is Nuke. Out of the 9 animals in this house he is my favorite

I have been pretty good about eating breakfast in the morning and last week and brought my lunch to work.  This week hasn’t been as successful but that’s OK.

I haven’t been buying Starbucks this month which has saved me a lot of money. Yes i know it’s only the 9th but that’s still over $45 in savings.  I never really thought about the cost of buying coffee there and it isn’t even the best coffee in the world.  I’ve been getting coffee at 7eleven because it’s under $2 for a large but i’m going to go buy some beans this weekend so i can finally start making my own again.  

The other night I couldn’t sleep so I stayed up making patterns for sewing projects I want to work on this weekend.  I just need to get some cork so I can make permanent patterns because the paper ones crinkle and rip too easily. I’m feeling very craftie and I love it! Maybe I should start posting on my craftie crew side blog again. Upcoming projects include new bow design, wallets, computer cases, tablet cases, new headband designs, circle skirts possibly. 

tomorrow I’m suppose to be getting my hair cut by a friend. You may not think this is a big deal but it is for me. Usually I only let one person cut my hair, her name is Jessica and she is amazing, but my friend got her dream job at a salon and as the shirt says “support your friends”. So tomorrow I go outside of my comfort zone for a hair cut.  

I’m so glad that it’s Thursday! Just 7 more hours of work (ugh) and then it’s the weekend and I get to do things I actually care about!  

I still haven’t started reading a new book for the month,  do you guys have any suggestions?

I find I am at my most creative between the hours 10am-12pm while drinking coffee.  The only problem with that is I’m at work and can’t do much about it.  I really need to start bringing my sketch book with me to work so I can doodle my ideas/thoughts out and remember them for later.  I also think of great ideas and ways to accomplish them when I don’t have anywhere to draw them out. 

Yesterday I had a fairly lazy day but I did plan out some future projects for Sandi’s Bowtique. I’m thinking about changing the name…then again I own the .com for it for another year so I might as well just wait.

It’s the first of the month. Time for another 30DayToDo.  Don’t know what that is? Check out meghantonjes video about it HERE!

A lot of these are back on here from last month but progress is progress and some things need to be a constant goal.

  1. Call my mom at least once a week
  2. Call sister weekly (also write more letters)
  3. Make coffee at home before work
  4. Eat Breakfast
  5. Bring lunch to work
  6. Yoga daily
  7. No electronics 30 minutes before bed
  8. Exercise at least 4 times a week
  9. Sew one new thing every week
  10. take thyroid medication every day (i have been so bad about this and i can feel it)
  11. Take vitamins daily
  12. Vlog weekly
  13. Floss
  14. Wear rubber bands so i can get these damn braces off!
  15. Organize all craft/sewing supplies
  16. Make a more organized business plan for the bowtique
  17. Talk to Thyroid specialist regarding Hashimoto’s
  18. Be more open about my feelings/thoughts
  19. Do 3 things outside of my comfort zone
  20. Weekly happy note updates
  21. Be more positive at work
  22. Book at least 1 make-up artist gig!
  23. Create budget
  24. Stick to budget!
  25. Take make-up off before bed
  26. Stick to skin care regimen
  27. Clean out car every Sunday
  28. Dress more professional for work
  29. Read a book
  30. Film weekly updates on this list

Don’t know what Happy Note is? Watch this video from last year!

Don’t know what the bowtique is? Check out!

My roommates friend from college moved into the house this weekend and I was a little nervous about it but yesterday afternoon proved that I have nothing to worry about.  We all went grocery shopping, then made dinner and watched tv and it was a pretty good evening overall. 

Yay for getting along with a new roommate!

So yesterday was the big photo shoot after getting my MUA certificate! I was so nervous but once I got there yesterday was so much fun! I had to do a beauty look but also and fantasy look so I turned Chelsea into a twisted fairy. Super thankful to Chelsea for being such a trooper when we decided to shower her in glitter.  

Oliver bought pizza and cheesecake for my birthday dinner, he certainly knows the way to my heart.

Today was my final for my makeup class and yaaaay!!! I passed!!! I mean of course I did but I was nervous because we had 45 minutes for day makeup look and 20 to turn it into night and normally we have 2 hours for class assignments.
Anyways yay now I’m a certified mua! Next week we are doing a photo shoot, we have to do one glam/editorial look and then a fantasy look which I’m really looking forward to!!

I have to create a “fantasy” character for my final for class. I have no idea what to do!!! I have like 3 weeks to figure it out but i want to practice on my roommate and stuff before hand.  Some times being creative is hard.

I have to do some homework tonight…and by homework I mean practice face charting and create a pretty make-up “wedding look”.  

VEDA Day 3