Today wasn’t as bad as the two days before it, though i’m really glad the work week is over. Though i’m not looking forward to tomorrow but anyway. Today at work my boss told me that i was doing a really good job at writing up the 485 on the patients so now she really just has to look over it real quick before she signs. Which made me feel pretty good because in a few weeks she wont be at the office for a little while and i’ve been super freaking out about that. I’m not a nurse yet so really all i can do is type up what’s on the paper work the nurses bring in and then add a few things that are from the Oasis handbook my boss has, which is so helpful and really getting me ready for my future job. but anyway in a few weeks i’ll be flying solo on the writing up the 485’s and it’s still nerve racking but i’m getting the hang of it. It was busy most of the day. Not looking forward to when my boss is out of the office, it’s far to quiet without her there lol

mostly a good day at work, looking forward to coffee night tonight. 

Tomorrow i’m taking my car to the shop. Get to spend the day in riverside oh joy. Hopefully it wont take all day and hopefully it wont completely drain my bank account because i don’t get paid for another week.